DMM Aero Straight

£6.30 (£5.25 + VAT)

The classic Aero has now been updated to include a keylock nose to make clipping and unclipping even easier. A brilliant sports climbing biner that is beefy enough to survive multiple dogging sessions and clips beautifully. It also makes a great racking biner.

The Aero is a high quality, hot-forged solid gate carabiner with a strong 9kN gate open strength for extra safety. It features a shrouded nose to protect the gate from accidentally opening and a rope groove to help direct any loads against the spine.

The gate has been milled out to provide a positive recess for your thumb to minimise the risk of fumble clips. It has a solid spring pressure that lets the user clip the rope quickly, but also is strong enough to minimise the chances of gate flutter occurring.

The Aero is completely anodised to help combat corrosion and prolong life in hot, damp or salty environments.

A great value carabiner that performs way beyond its pricepoint.

Weight 47g

Major Axis 24KN, Minor Axis 8KN, Open Gate 9KN

Gate Opening 20mm