DMM Aero Bent

£6.30 (£5.25 + VAT)

The Aero is a high quality, hot-forged solid gate carabiner with a strong 9kN gate open strength for extra safety. It features a shrouded nose to protect the gate from accidentally opening and a rope groove to help direct any loads against the spine.

This is the bent gate version that is designed for the rope end of the quickdraw. The gate itself contains a deep bend that rolls into the nose to make clipping very easy - even when you are pumped stupid miles above the last gear;  at the same time the gate/nose intersection has been carefully designed so that the chances of the rope unclipping itself are minimised. It has a relatively strong spring pressure both  to reduce the chances of gate flutter happening and also to reduce the chances of the rope unclipping itself when backclipped.

The carabiner is a good size for all-round use and has a nice wide 26mm gate opening, so that even clipping thick webbing is easy.

The Aero is completely anodised to help combat corrosion and prolong life in hot, damp or salty enviroments.

A great value carabiner that performs way beyond its pricepoint

Weight 47g

Major Axis 24KN, Minor Axis 8KN, Open Gate 9KN

Gate Opening 26mm